Please feel free to add links to any resources below on any of these issues associated with the global efficient stove movement geared toward our younger students.

Branching Out For A Green Economy

1. Global Use of Biomass

DOE - Biomass for Kids

2. Deforestation

The Prince's Rainforest Project For Schools
National Geographic - Deforestation

3. Health Effects of Biomass Use

WHO - Indoor Air Pollution and Health
NYT - Stoves for the Developing World's Health
NYT - New Stoves

4. Gender Equity and Biomass Use

CS Monitor - Clean Cookstoves Improve Health of World's Women
NYT - Stoves for the Developing World's Health

5. Global Warming and Biomass Use

NYT - Third World Soot Is Target in Climate Fight
NYT - Soot in the Greenhouse, and the Kitchen

6. Carbon Credits and Stove Programs

How Stuff Works - How Carbon Offsets Work
WorldCarbon - Carbon Credits

7. Economic and Entrepreneurial aspects of Stove Programs

NYT - A Low Impact Stove For Rwanda

8. General Articles

NYT - Developing Nations Get Clean-Burning Stoves
Ecozoom - The need for Clean Cookstoves
NYT - A Healthier More Efficient Way to Cook