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The Global Efficient Cookstove Education Project

Welcome to the Global Efficient Cookstove Education Project's WikiSpace page.

The Global Efficient Cookstove Education Project is an educational initiative involving students from 4 schools, located in 4 countries: Brazil, Rwanda, Uganda, and the U.S. Our project is designed to do accomplish three goals:

1. To help students from our participating schools learn more about the efficient biomass stove movement and the health, environmental, and gender equity issues associated with the global use of biomass for cooking and heating. In addition to learning more about biomass use and the efficient cook stove movement, students from our 6 participating schools will build and test a number of simple representative cook stoves, and then, through the use of Skype, will work in international collaborative groups to share stove testing results which will be used by all to refine and improve the efficiency of the stoves they have been building.

2. To bring attention to the issue of global biomass use and the health, environmental, and gender equity issues associated with it, and to inform others about how the efficient biomass stove movement has been working to improve the live of people around the world. This wiki contains resources on these issues and provides viewers with an overview of the efficient biomass stove movement and the principles behind stove efficiency and begins to address the issue of a lack of resources for middle- and high school student dealing with these issues.

3. To involve other schools from around the world in our ongoing Global Efficient Cook Stove Education Project. Ultimately, we would like to assist other schools who are interested in mounting a global, hands-on, evidence-based, design-challenge approach to this, and other issues of sustainability.

We invite you to look through our wiki, and if you have any questions about our project, please do not hesitate to contact us at: rlehrer@brookwood.edu or cmattos@colband.com.br

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Recent Project Videos

Recent Project Photos

Students from teh Kyanyawara School in Uganda Skyping with Brookwood School, MA

The 12 students from Brookwood's GECSP course do an initial collection of biomass on the first day of the project.

Combustion class from Colegio Bandeirantes in Sao Paulo, Brazil with Profa. Dra. Patricia Matai (USP)

INYANGE Aurore, a student from the FAWE Girls' School in Kigali Skypes with Brookwood to clarify stove details

Brookwood creates a crude model of a Justa stove in anticipation of building the real thing on campus

Brookwood students prepare the site for their Justa 2x3 stove

Students from The Graded School in Sao Paulo, Brazil diagram their understanding of energy use, deforestation and rocket stoves in a "Building Background Information" activity

Conversations with students from the other schools in the project help Colegio Bandeirantes from Brazil build their 5-can rocket stove

Brookwood students discover that "efficient" is a relative term as they try to boil water in a kettle using their first rocket stove design

Students from the Kyanyawara School in Uganda show off their completed brick and mud stove

Kasiisi students experiment with a 16 brick rocket stove

Brookwood students experiment with at 16 brick rocket stove

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Students from Bandeirantes modeling clay for the stove.

cook stove 2.jpg cook stove 5.jpg

With hard work and fun , students from Bandeirantes made their first experiment: a cook stove with clay ,bricks and a can, materials that are easy to find and cheap, perfect for those in poor conditions.

Students from Bandeirantes doing some experiments with clay.
Students from Bandeirantes doing some experiments.

cook stove 1.jpg
Cookstove project group, Bandeirantes, 2013

An Introduction to the Issues.

For a quick introduction to the global efficient stove movement, see the following video from Global Health Frontline News: