The short clips below serve as the the final project for this unit. The videos capture the thinking and learning of Graded students. Enjoy!



The documents above capture some of the thinking of Graded's students. The first set of pictures the represents a learning experience in which each student assumed a different role to examine the concept of clean burning stoves and report out to the class what information was important. The follow up assignment was to summarize and synthesize the perspectives that were represented and look for connections between different disciplines. The purpose or desired learning of the assignment was to provide background knowledge while demonstrating that depending on your role or perspective different aspects may be deemed more or less important. The ultimate goal was to recognize common ground and determine appropriate solutions to issues of energy use and deforestation. The second set of images is related to an investigation of the scientific concepts that surround rocket stoves and the synthesis of these ideas. We hope you enjoy examining the art and understanding.

Level of involvement/Schedule
School: Graded
Aaron Broderick
Profile of students involved in Project:
97 students 12-14
Summary of school’s IT/emailing/Skype potential
Email/skype/ facebook

Time difference may be hard to negotiate
I am thinking about having students do video lab reports to share their findings
Summary of approach to project:
We will spend the fourth quarter focused on energy. First two weeks of April - Building background knowledge
Second two weeks of April – doing labs in class that will enhance understanding of thermodynamics and energy transformations
First two weeks of May – Building and Testing stoves
Second two weeks of May unique design and reporting findings.(Video lab report)
First meetings with students and begin to research background info
April 5
First available for global "get to know you" conversations with students in other countries
April 16
First stove building/experimentation
May 2