Rwandan President Paul Kagame overseeing Rich Lehrer's signing of an Imihigo, pledging to teach his American students about Rwanda

Anna from Brookwood shows students from The Kyanyawara School in Uganda the first versions of 5-can biomass stoves they have been building


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Students from Brookwood, MA carry on a Skype conversation about biomass use and efficient stoves with students from the Kyanyawara School in Uganda

Level of involvement/Schedule
School: Brookwood
Rich Lehrer
Profile of students involved in Project:
55 students from ages 13-14
Summary of school’s IT/emailing/Skype potential
Full emailing/Skype potential at school.
Summary of approach to project:
Stove project will be taught as a unit in our 8th grade physical science course from March 26 - April 22. (Earth Day) In the last week of March, will be doing basic research on combustion, heat transfer, rocket stoves, deforestation, emissions, stove efficiency, etc. etc.. Students will then begin constructing and testing different stoves, sharing results with international collaborators. It is my hope to divide my students into 6 groups, with each group being responsible for communicating and collaborating with a different partner school. We also might have the possibility of working with other students to lead a TIGed webinar on our project on April 22nd...more information about this later!
First meetings with students and begin to research background info
March 26
First available for global "get to know you" conversations with students in other countries
March 26
First stove building/experimentation
April 1